Epic Pen 3.11 Release

We’re happy to announce the exciting release of Epic Pen 3.11! We’re excited to confirm that this release includes a number of our community’s most frequently requested features.

Custom Quick Colors

The 4 Quick Colors and Epic Pen Pro can now be fully customised. To customise your quick colors, simply edit them in the Settings window to the colors that you want.

Expanded Quick Colors

You can expand your quick colors from 4 colors to 6 in Epic Pen Pro. Simply enable to “Expanded quick colors” option in the Settings window. The 6 quick colors option is also fully customizable.

Limit Whiteboard to Specific Screen

The whiteboard and blackboard are extremely popular features, but not everyone wants them to cover every screen at once. To make the whiteboard/blackboard work on a specific screen of your choice, enable this option in the brand-new whiteboard section in the Settings window.

That’s all for Epic Pen 3.11! We are continuing to improve performance and stability, while developing even more exciting new features for Epic Pen. The new features in this update were largely developed based on community feedback,so if there is something you’d like to see added to Epic Pen in a future update please let us know!

Get Epic Pen 3.11 from epicpen.com.






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