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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Epic Pen

Are you a fan of Epic Pen? If so, we’ve got some exciting news for you. Here are five awesome features that you might not have known about before. We’re going to detail these over-looked features and show you how to implement them which will hopefully give you a whole new perspective on our popular software.

Ghost Mode

Ghost Mode enables you to hide the Epic Pen toolbar while still retaining the functionality of Epic Pen. This is controlled by using hotkeys rather than accessing the tools from the toolbar itself. To enable Ghost Mode, simply access Settings through the Menu button on the Epic Pen toolbar. From there, scroll to the section entitled ‘Ghost Mode’ and make sure to click Enable. You can also turn off notifications for Epic Pen if you wish. When you are finished with Ghost Mode, make sure to return to the same section and click Disable to make the toolbar appear again. We think Ghost Mode is particularly helpful during presentations so that you can retain focus on what you’re presenting. A must for power users.

Customisable Hotkeys

While you may be aware of the presence of hotkeys within Epic Pen, some of our users might not know that they are easily customisable. Simply select Menu and access Settings. Navigate down to hotkeys and make sure they are enabled. From there, click on the hotkey that you want and press the key combination you desire. Make sure to press ok when you are finished. If you would like to return to default, there is a Reset to Default button at the top of the list of hotkeys. Useful for avoiding conflict with other applications.

Scroll Button Changes Ink Size

The Epic Pen toolbar is very user-friendly and pleasing on the eye. But sometimes it’s better to change settings without accessing the toolbar at all. You can actually use your mouse wheel to increase/decrease your ink size or the size of the tool that you’re currently using. Click Menu and open Settings to make sure that this feature is enabled. You will see this under ‘Mouse Wheel Adjusts Pen Size’ at the top of Settings. Spend less time searching through the toolbar and more time on your creations.

Expanded Quick Colors

At the bottom of any Epic Pen toolbar, you will see the choice of 4 quick colors that have been set by default for users to choose from. They can click these colors to access the rest of the options from there. However, Pro users will be able to fully customise which colors appear in the quick colors section and expand their selection from 4 colors to 6 colors. Simply open the Menu, click on Settings and make sure Expanded Quick Colors is enabled. You can change the quick colors themselves by selecting new ones under the section entitled ‘Quick Colors’ where they can be fully customised within Epic Pen’s color selection. Worth remembering if you’re tired of the same color palette and want to freshen things up.

Remember Content After Exit

Ever closed Epic Pen too quickly? It’s possible for Epic Pen to remember your previous session after you have exited out of the application. Navigate over to the Menu section, open Settings and enable ‘Remember Content After Exit’ to discover this feature. Please note it will only remember the content created during your last session with Epic Pen. Revisit your previous work without having to recreate from scratch.

Whether you’re a casual user or a professional, these tips can help you get the most out of your Epic Pen experience. We love hearing about all the cool things people do with our product, so if you’ve got a fun use case, drop us a line at We can’t wait to hear from you!

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